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The Calgary Police Service is going digital with community crime prevention messages.

The Service is expanding the Police and Community Awareness Program (PCAP) to include e-mail and text capabilities, and is being rebranded ?The Hub?.

Starting March 1, 2013, Calgarians who want information about crime and other activity in their community can sign up to receive voicemail, email or text alerts as part of The Hub, the new CPS information headquarters.

The system, originally known as the Police and Community Telephone (PACT), has sent approximately 2,700 voicemail messages to Calgarians since 1993.

The Hub will alert citizens to important situations such as criminal activity or requests for public assistance in cases such as missing persons. The Hub will also be used for proactive community information such as crime prevention advice, and promotion of community events.

More than 64,000 households and nearly 6,500 businesses subscribed to PCAP. Current subscribers will be required to re-register with the new system in order to keep receiving alerts.

The Hub will also help deliver messages to Calgarians based on several factors including demographics and their geographic location.

To sign up, visit http://www.calgarypolice.ca/.

The Hub is proudly sponsored by Encana.












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